Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to School

For the past few weeks my kids have been going stir crazy. Its been too hot to go outside much, and they have played with all their toys and with each other until they just didn't want to any more. TV was not so interesting either. So picking on each other became the best option in their mind. I felt like I was playing referee everyday.
So today they started school and they were so excited and I have to admit that I was too. I have so many things to do and can do with them out of the house. This morning though I was not as ready to send them back.
Isaiah decided last night that he wanted daddy to drop him off at school this morning. He did not want to be walked in because he is a big boy. He is starting 2nd grade. Christina wanted me to walk her into school. So we take two cars to the school that is only 4 miles away from home. I park and walk Christina in. As I get in the door, Isaiah is coming in from the car pool line. He walks with us to the Cafeteria. I help Christina figure out how to pick out breakfast and sit with her and Isaiah as they have breakfast. As soon as Isaiah finishes he asks what to do next. This is a new school for both of them this year. So I tell him to ask the teacher that is helping. She takes him to the door and shows him to his room. I don't get a hug and kiss or a good bye. I hold the tears as my son is such a big boy. Christina finishes her breakfast and we ask where she needs to go. They tell us to her class. I ask if she is ready for me to go. She said no. So I walk her to her room. I help her find her cubby and put up her back pack. I tell her I can stay only one minute and then I have to leave. She sits with her class on the rug. A minute passes and a bell rings signaling that everyone not in class needs to get to class. I give her a hug and kiss and I walk out not looking back with a tear down my cheek. Her teacher handed parents that come into the classroom a few Hershey kisses wrapped in Kleenex and a poem about the first day. It was sweet. The tissues did come in handy. I know they have to grow up and I know I will learn to cherish this time at home without them. Until then I will keep myself busy with wedding and events, and various other projects I need to work on.

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