Monday, July 13, 2009

Ricky and Marrisa July 2009

This was a very special wedding to me. I wish I could say that I coordinated it, or planned it but it was put together very quickly. I found out about it the day of the wedding. Ricky was in the youth group Allen and I teach with for years. We taught him in Sunday School. He is a great guy that graduated a couple of years ago. He spent the last several months to a year in the Army. He will be stationed now out of state and so after his graduation on the 2nd he and his fiance had planned a surprise wedding (surprise to his family). They got married at the Gazebo in San Marcos. I found them some music for the ceremony and ran the music for them, and then took care all the formal photos. It was very simple and very beautiful. I was so happy for them. Here are some photos I took. Oh and yes you can see I am not going to be moving into the photography side of weddings. My little Nikon took some great photos considering, but they are still pretty amature. Okay here is one photo check the rest out on my facebook.

Congrats you two.

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