Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Isiaha and Christina's Birthday Party

I know that most of the events on here have been weddings, and I do specialize in weddings, but I have to say I love a good birthday party as well. I tend to go overboard on my kids own parties. Friday we celebrated Christina’s 4th birthday and Isaiah’s 6th. The kids have the same birthday just two years apart. And right now they don’t mind sharing the party. I have a feeling that Christina will be the first one to ask for her own party someday.

I sadly did not take a bunch of photos but one of the guest’s dads did and he is going to share those with me soon.

We choose the theme of High School Musical. I think this is really a show geared to kids a little older but my two love it and sing along with all the songs.

We decorated with silver red and white stars red and yellow balloons and a red foil curtain that was draped over the fireplace to help it look like a state.

I ordered pizza from Little Caesars Pizza. Served that with a veggie tray and fruit tray for dinner. After dinner we served cake and the guest could have ice cream served in a waffle bowl and topped with M&M’s and gummy bears. A few passed on the ice cream just filling the bowl with the candy. I made the cake and well let’s just say that while it tasted great I am not a cake decorator. I was going to ask my mom to make them a cake but kept forgetting so at the last minute it was up to me. I will post a picture you just can get an idea of it from me describing it, but it was not too bad.

When the guest arrived we offered them drinks and dinner. The kids sat on the floor and ate while watching the first high school musical movie. As they seemed to be finishing up and getting antsy we took the girls into Christina’s room and the boys into Isaiah’s room. In there they had to hunt for eggs (sports themed ones for the boys and glitter for the girls) and their cell phones. I told them that Ms. Darvous took away their cell phones and hid them. There was one each. The cell phones were filled with candy and I picked them up at HEB for about a dollar each.

After this game it was just fun time. We put on the CD’s of the songs for the music and the kids danced and sang and some went into the kids rooms and played for a little bit.

Isaiah and Christina could wait no longer had to open presents. They loved everything that they got. After that the kids went back to playing and then left as they and their parents felt like it. It was not over planned but the kids had so much fun. I had other games to play but to interrupt them dancing and singing and playing seemed wrong.

Oh for the gift bags. In High School musical 2 Sharpe sings a song called Fabulous. And in it she asks where her pink Prada tote is. While I do go overboard I am not buying the girls Prada. I did pick up pink totes at the craft store added some purple feathers to the top and filled them. They each had a Tiara, bubbles, sunglasses, a book, stickers, fruit snacks, and white gloves. The boys got red bags with baseballs on the end of them. Again HSM2 they play a round of baseball rather then basketball like the first movie and the bags were red and white the wildcat colors from the movie. In their bags they had basket ball whistles, parachute jumpers, fruit snacks, bubbles, sunglasses, a book, and stickers.

Here is a slide show of photos

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