Friday, September 28, 2007

Just starting out

This seems as good as any place to put my thoughts and such on my business down on paper. Okay well maybe not paper but computer memory.

I am a wedding or event planner. If I am honest with myself its weddings that I love. Parties for kid are fun showers are always nice, adult parties usually seem like more work then they are worth, but weddings.... I have always loved weddings. So this was a perfect place for me in the world. I have been helping friends and family out with their weddings for years. But now it was time to start a business. So that is how Stress Free Events got started. I could go back and talk about past weddings and such but i think I will just keep it to the weddings that I have done as stress free events. I hope to add stuff all the time. This will be a great place to come back to and see how its going and what I did for various weddings.

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