Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sarah and Collin

Horseshoe Bay was just a dream come true for Sarah and Collin. I was so glad that I was a part of their fairy tale wedding. Horseshoe Bay did so much to make this easy on me. AJH Photography did a great job capturing this great event, and the party that followed the picturesque ceremony. The party included the groom ending up in the pool, you know its a party then.
The Guys came over from across the lake on a boat. Unloaded right at the ceremony site and walked up wiped some sweat from their brows and escourted the girls down the aisle.

Right after the ceremony they took some photos on the beach area. Perfect setting.
Yes he flipped her right on the dance floor. They knew how to party.

And before the night was over the groom ended up being tossed into the pool. Seems he did something similar to his brother at his wedding so it was payback time.

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