Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Idea for smaller weddings.

I have many brides that are freaked out a little at the cost to rent china for their wedding. I am planning a shower right now and got an idea for a wedding. I have this amazing china that was my grandmothers. My mom has some beautiful china as well. My other grandmother has some great china as well. Well if you have a smaller wedding and are not stuck on everything matching fully then here is the idea. Have several family members host different reception tables. Depending on the size of their collection they might be able to host two tables. You still cover the tables with a neutral table cloth and make arrangements for the centerpieces but your family and friends provide the china place settings. This would work great with a dinner that is served family style. Again i would not recommend this for large weddings, but smaller events this would work very well. And gives your family a way to participate in your big day.

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