Monday, May 24, 2010

Dress for your body

You are... an Hour Glass
Tall or short, hourglass girls' bodies are defined more by their typically curvy frame. If you are an hourglass you’ll have a naturally thin waist with a medium to large bust and smaller shoulders. Small waists and curvy figures mean that often hourglass girls have more defined hips.
Tips to Remember: Being curvy isn't a bad thing! If you are blessed with curves and love them then why not opt for a sheath gown that shows off your shape? Panelling, beading and silk inserts of lace can help distract from problem areas and draw the eye to your favourite assets. For those who would like to diminish the curves, choose a dress with a tight bodice or cinched waist and a full skirt like an A-line dress or ball gown.
The dress for you: Sheath, ball gown or A-line.

You are... Pear Shaped
With curve on the bottom half, pear shaped girls will often have a smaller bust paired with a slimmer torso and waist. On the bottom half, pear shaped girls tend to have shapely hips, butt and thighs and usually carry little weight on the back.
Tips to Remember: Your slim shoulders waist and torso means that dresses with intricate top halves such as detailing across the d├ęcolletage or shaping in the torso are great choices for you. Empire line and ball gown dresses skim over the hips and thighs whilst your trusty friend the A-line is a great choice for wedding attire. Another good option is to show off your back with a plunging back on a simple halter or ball gown dress.
The dress for you: Empire, A-line or ball gown.

You are... an Apple
Shapely slim legs and delicate shoulders are some of the key features of an apple shape. With a larger bust, wider torso and a full waist you have a curvy and feminine figure.
Tips to Remember: Most people opt for longer length gowns but with your killer legs a tea length gown may be a great option! Another thing to think about is a gown that is floor length but features a subtle slit. Empire line dresses tend to flatter apple figures a lot as they re-proportion the figure and draw the eye up towards the bust. A-line dresses again add balance while a dress that cinches heavily at the waist can help create a more hour glass figure.
The dress for you: Tea length, empire or A-line.

You are... Petite
Small with delicate body features and subtle curves, you tend to also be a little bit shorter than most. An average size bust and naturally toned body means that proportion is key.
Tips to Remember: A lot of your tips are around hemlines. If you feel swamped in a full length gown, play around with one of a shorter length. Don't be afraid to play around with different hem shapes like asymmetrical, pillow or tulip shapes. A simple sheath dress can be very classic, or to elongate the frame a tailored empire or A-line dress can work wonders.
The dress for you: Tea length, empire or A-line.

You are... Slim Athletic
Thin and tall, your straight and narrow frame may not have a lot of curve. Small around the bottom and the bust, your typically thin or toned frame can benefit from a little pomp and frill.
Tips to Remember: If you love your figure why not show it off in a sheath? A straight sheath or mermaid dress can add curves and enhance your figure all on its own. And with the addition of beading around the bust or ties at the waist it can create a feminine form. A ball gown with its full skirt will instantly fill out your frame while an empire line dress can help create shape on your top half.
The dress for you: Empire, sheath, ball gown.

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