Monday, December 28, 2009

Rachel and Erik 12/19/09

Rachel and Erik had a beautiful wedding. I was so thrilled to work with them on this very special day. There were so many great details that I think only photos will capture best. Their awesome photographer Any DeYoung will be getting photos to me soon, but in the mean time I wanted to let you all know that the details on this wedding are coming.
Until then let me list some of the great "cast of character's" that made this event happen
Venue: The McNay Art Museum in San Antonio
Caterer: True Flavors
DJ: Encore Entertainment
Photos: Amy DeYoung
Video: Distinct Video Design (
Centerpieces: True Flavors
Personal Flowers: Edens Echo
My Staff: Channin Young, JT Lauderdale, Andrew Lauderdale
Chuppah: Stress Free Events built by my great dad Tom Lauderdale
(and yes we still have this structure and it can be rented out, or borrowed under certain circumstances, just ask).
(Photos here are from Erin at Edens Echos of the flowers. They were stunning. More photos coming).

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erin.mclarty said...

I can't wait to see the professional pictures from the day. :) Made me giggle you used the pictures from my blog for your post. :) It was nice working with you again!