Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Making it Personal

How many times have you heard in the wedding planning process that its your day. Do what you want? I am guessing tons. Especially from vendors they are all about you making things your way. Sometimes it just because they want the chance to do something new, and sometimes its because they think they can charge you more for those special touches.

Well first off don't let them talk you into something that will cost you more money. It is your wedding and you do deserve all the special touches, but make sure those are in your budget.

What are ways to make your day special?

Well think about it as more than your day, but as a day for you and your family. Are there ways to bring in your family and their traditions. At the last wedding the bride had a ribbon that was on her mothers bridal bouquet tied into her own flowers. Another bride took a charm off her mothers favorite bracelet and pinned it to her flowers. Yet another bride took a collection of photos from her parents wedding and her fiance's family and made a collage of family wedding photos. Another bride used the cake topper from her mothers wedding cake.

What are some other things that can make your day about you? Use your favorite flowers in arrangements. Plan your theme around something special to you. Books? Why not use antique and vintage books as the base to centerpieces? What you are not a flower person? That's fine. No reason to fill your wedding with them if they just are not you. Use candles instead. Feathers are also a fun alternative. Have bridesmaids carry fans, or lanterns or something other than flowers.

Favors: Forget the Jordan almond and the impersonal favor that will end up in the garbage anyway. Give your guests something that reflects your personal style. If you like to cook, measuring spoons or wooden spoons engraved with your wedding date and names are nice touches. For smaller weddings, jars of homemade jam, ingredients for cookies or your baking specialty along with the recipe could be a nice touch. Golf balls and tees with your wedding date and names reflect the golf lovers and will surely bring pleasure to your fellow golfers.

Instead of place cards with just your guests' name, take this opportunity to personalize a short note to a special guest on the inside of the card. While this may be impossible for larger weddings, those family members who are especially close to you would love to have a personal note to them sitting on their table.

Traditional reception events are another place to make things personal. Do them if you love them. But know that its okay to skip the cake and opt for general deserts instead. Don't dance? Its okay don't put yourself through that first dance. No one says you have to dance at a reception. If you love to dance then do it. Enjoy it.

Make your day about what you two are. Step out and enjoy the day.

Don't limit yourself. Don't be stuck with the idea that this is just how its always been.
(above photo by princess and outlaw photography)

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