Friday, September 4, 2009

Casual Afternoon Wedding

These weddings are getting more and more popular. I am not sure if its the style or convenience of them. Guest don't have to go out and buy a new formal outfit for a formal wedding. Most any nice dress they have will work. Guys can get away without a suit coat for these and so you have comfy guests. You serve simple comfort foods. Nothing too heavy. How about a garden theme. tea and sandwiches to follow. Drinking is fine but usually lighter drinks. Brides opt for no veil and often no train. Grooms are going with simple suits or slacks and nice shirts. Some brides are even skipping the formal dress and going for something light a flowing. Cakes stacked to the sky are skipped for desert bars, or cupcakes. Don't get me wrong they are very nice. Nothing in a casual afternoon wedding means you can't have a beautiful wedding with a formal gown if you want it. Many afternoon weddings skip the dancing but its not unheard of for at least a few special songs to be played. Love does not mind the time of day and you will love the comfort of your guests.

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